See where Emily stands on the issues that mean the most to you

Lowering Taxes for Californians

The last thing California needs is higher taxes. Our income is taxed. Our purchases are taxed. Our homes are taxed. Our utilities are taxed. Our gas is taxed. I believe in lowering taxes, and reducing the financial burden on California families. 

Leading the Covid-19 Response and Recovery

As a small business owner and as somebody who serves on the Board of Directors of three Southern California nonprofits, I believe it is crucial to keep Californians safe from the virus, reenergize our economy with support for small businesses and nonprofit service providers, and keep our schools open to ensure the education and well-being of our children doesn't fall through the cracks. 

During the economic crash of 2008, my family's business was impacted like every other business. We took pay cuts, put our employees first, created solutions to navigate the troubled waters, and kept our machines running throughout the downturn. I know what it takes to assess a crisis, create effective solutions, and lead others through the midst of a crisis. 

Securing our Borders

Orange County is only a short drive away from our southern border. I believe California has a duty and obligation to enforce our laws on the southern border and protect Californians from drug smugglers, gangs, and traffickers.

I have personally witnessed human trafficking. It seared my heart in a way I’ll never forget and will never be able to fully explain. As a result, for the past fifteen years, I have worked with nonprofits, service providers and law enforcement to advocate for victims of sexual exploitation throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Las Vegas. 

Oppose Defunding the Police

I support law enforcement, and oppose defunding the police. 

My family's paper business was in South Central Los Angeles for three generations. Our neighborhood was violent. I was twelve years old during the 1992 Watts riots, and it was my job to run around with a garden hose, extinguishing the fires that resulted from molotov cocktails being thrown at our business. 

School Choice

I believe every student deserves a great education, regardless of what zip code they live in.

I support the Educational Freedom Act 2022 so that each K-12 student will be provided with an Education Savings Account and an equal share of Prop 98 state education dollars (currently $14,000 per student, per year). 

Supporting Our Veterans

Our country's veterans have served our nation and have my full support.

I am a descendant of a soldier who fought in the American Revolution, and am a member of the civic organization "Daughters of the American Revolution." My grandfather, George Hibard, served in World War II alongside his four brothers, including Harold Hibard, who made the ultimate sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. (D-Day). 


I support legal immigration, and believe the pathway to citizenship should be streamlined and less expensive. 

My Grandmother escaped Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, and immigrated to the United States to pursue the American Dream, which she achieved.